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    "What illusion about myself do I entertain? Marcus Aurelius

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    Hi, I’m Sarah Hughes, I am a life strategist and executive coach and founder of Sarah Hughes Life Strategy and Executive Coaching.


    “It is only when you get to know and love the real you that you can live a full, free and calm life”


    This is what needed to happen for me after becoming seriously ill with M.E./CFS which lasted for 8 years. Before this happened I knew something wasn’t right. I had been struggling both at work and at home, because when one isn’t right the other is affected, my personal relationships were being affected and I just wasn’t performing at my best in any area of my life. I had been living behind so many masks to try to please others that I was simply exhausted and didn't know who I was - to be honest I’m not sure if I ever really did - or what to do.


    Full recovery finally came for me when I discovered the work of Tony Robbins and was in a place to hear the message the illness was sent to teach me: “before you can help and be there for others, you need to know, love and understand yourself first”.


    I started working very hard to recover, used Tony Robbins’ work whenever I could, exercised every day, practised gratitude, affirmations and incantations and within 2 months (after 8 years on anti-depressants) I was free of the illness and fully recovered; no pain, no depression and a calmness within me for the first time in about 10 years! I was so impressed that I decided to train as a coach with the Robbins-Madanes’coach training school in California and since then I have helped a large number of clients to lift off the “masks” and discover who they truly are inside so that they could move forward to live the lives they really wanted.


    Are you ready to learn the lesson life is sending you? Do you think something just doesn’t feel right at home or at work (because one affects the other)? Get in touch, I can promise you will feel more positive from as early as the very first session.


    How working with me will help you:


    You will get to know and love the real you so that you can live a full, free and calm life;

    You will discover what your true values are so that you can discover what's most important to you;
    You will recognise, understand and alter values’ conflicts in your life which may have been causes of problems in the past;
    You will start to prioritise all areas of your life so that you can discover not only what is most important to you, but also so that you can strategically balance your work/life balance;
    You will start to manage the energy and emotion for all that you truly care about in life.

    Get in touch - a 30 minute free discovery call is available to discuss your situation and decide if I can help you.

    3-month coaching programme, 3-hour intensive rules’ and values’ coaching session and individual 1 hour sessions available.

    Skype/Zoom - worldwide

    Face to face - London, Bristol and Herefordshire

    Telephone and online coaching slots also available

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    HR managers, business owners - Do you have members of your company who seem to be struggling; are they having off more sick days, not as present as they once were; has their commitment to the business dwindled? These are signs that that something may be wrong. I have been there, I know what it's like but I now know how to help!
    Let's discuss your requirements. Book a FREE business coaching consultation now! info@sarahhughessolutions.com
    I have over 20 years’ corporate experience in large, blue chip FTSE 100 and 250 companies for over 20 years in London and Bristol. I have experience with employee liaison, people skills, training and facilitation.
    I offer group coaching or individual coaching to help your employees with any issues they have which are affecting their ability to do their jobs. I coach from a place of understanding and experience, both personally and professionally.
    Book a FREE business coaching solutions' consultation now! info@sarahhughessolutions.com

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    Book a FREE business executive coaching solutions' consultation now or click on LIVE CHAT to discuss your requirements!



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    “I had a 1hr session with Sarah and she was fab. Engaging, enthusiastic, practical and knowledgeable and I felt very comfortable in her company. The added bonus was the lemon cupcakes she made me - they were delicious! Thanks so much, Sarah.” Leanna, Bristol


    “I recently had the absolute pleasure of having a "Rules and Values" coaching session with Sarah . I found Sarah so warm and she has a real skill to put you at ease immediately . I am not fond of talking about myself , I think I almost felt like it was an indulgence ! However how I felt before the session couldn't be further from the reality of spending time with Sarah , after the session and beyond I felt I had achieved so much and she has literally opened my eyes to what was important to me . I can't recommend Sarah highly enough. Thanks again Sarah” Helen-Louise, Gloucestershire


    “I booked three sessions with Sarah when needing help figuring out which areas of my work and life needed most attention, and of what kind. How glad am I that I did. From the moment we began, Sarah started drawing out the most important issues from the jumble with her wonderful warmth, encouragement and humour. She helped me decide where to focus, offering a variety of super-simple, manageable, achievable strategies that brought my goals from beyond to within my reach. I returned to each next session with proof of much pretty immediate progress and success, and left feeling empowered, calmer and with way more belief in my abilities than before. So delighted. If you’re looking for someone to help you work out how to navigate your own particular Spaghetti Junction of life, work, the universe and everything, I heartily recommend that you go see Sarah.” Frances, Bristol


    ‘I was lucky enough to be introduced to Sarah by my local business network and I am so happy I was! I run a busy therapy business and have lots going on both on the home front as well as within my business. Her strategies not only helped me face challenges with a new sense of purpose but in a well structured manner that I could implement easily. Her recommendations on books to read and people to "follow" were also exceedingly useful, broadening my own knowledge and helping my client base. On a personal level Sarah is so easy to talk to, a great listening ear and sensible forthright responses to my "bumps in the road". Thanks again Sarah for your valuable input, it means a lot!.”’ Kate, Portishead


    ‘Sarah has such a lovely warm personality which puts you straight at ease. I went through a number of life changing circumstances and I am so glad that I had the support and guidance from Sarah. I feel like I am where I am meant to be in life, I have changed so much as a person and I can finally feel excited about the future - Sarah's coaching has been a life changing experience, I just wish I reached out and started this journey sooner. Thank you so much Sarah’ Elizabeth, Herefordshire


    'Sarah has helped me to move forward with my recovery from ME. She is very knowledgeable about ME and is a very empathetic coach having recovered from the condition herself. Sarah taught me breathing techniques which are hugely helpful and other tools and techniques to use as needed. The detailed accounts that Sarah sent following each session served as very useful reminders of all that we covered as well as advice what to work on between sessions. I'm very grateful to Sarah for all her help and support. She is an inspiration!' Client, Bristol


    'I came to Sarah when I really needed to transform my life through improving my self esteem and relationship issues. I had previously had lots of counselling and was slightly sceptical about life coaching, but decided to give it a go. I'm so glad that I did. Even after just a few sessions I started to feel more like the old me who was stronger and happier. The techniques that Sarah uses in her approach are extremely powerful and life changing. I am now in a much better place and able to cope with life's difficulties better than I ever could. I am eternally grateful to Sarah for the amazing work that she did with me. Thank you!' Kim, Bristol


    "I love having Sarah Hughes as my coach. As a qualified coach myself I both understand the value of coaching and have found it difficult to find a good coach. I chose Sarah because of the insight and intuition she showed when helping a friend one day. My instincts were right! In the last 8 months we have talked about such a variety of things but all leading to the same goal - to help me get ready and set up my new business. I'm ready both emotionally and practically, way ahead of my own expectations. I cannot sum up properly here all the ways that Sarah has helped. In each session we have done something different. I think and move at high speed and Sarah is flexible with that, knowing when to let me flow and when to pause and reflect or maybe to challenge. I started off with an awareness of the process (this is inevitable when you coach yourself). Now I just trust her and launch into our session. It's a pleasure to recommend Sarah to you, as a coach. She's the best!" Michelle, Bristol

    "I am living testimony to Sarah Hughes' amazing coaching skills - as is my mum. Sarah really is talented, compassionate, focused; she has all the important attributes of a great coach to guide you with care and compassion to finding your answers, thank you Sarah" Saira, Miami.

    "Ever since the very first coaching session with Sarah, I have always felt listened to and supported. Sarah has the ability to ask exactly the right questions to help me clarify my thoughts and move forwards. I am now much clearer about where I want to go and how to get there. I strongly recommend Sarah to anyone thinking of coaching." Celia, Bristol